How it works

The Moeckern Masters originated from the idea of combining several games to a single Tournament. To make this idea come true in online tournaments we created a cross-game ranking system that is tracking your Achievements.
This allows you to collect points simultaneously for you and your team. The Leaders of each Ranking(Solo/Team) will be rewarded with great prizes at the End of the Season.

What do I have to do to get points?
Step 1: Get your team registrered HERE
Step 2: Make sure you use the same team name on Challengermode!
Step 3: Win games, collect points and rise in the rankings!

Important: We know it can be hard to get all your teammates together for a tournament. Therefore we are giving you the chance to collect points for your team on your own when playing with other people.
All you have to do is choosing the team your points should count for before the tournament starts. It doesn’t matter in which games you collect those points as all earned points from every game will be add up to the ranking. In Season 1 the points will be distributed as follows:

1st Place: 100 Points
2nd Place: 50 Points
3rd&4th Place: 20 Points

To make it easier, here is an example of how it works: You and your team win a rocket league 3vs3 tournament. Every Player on the team is rewarded with 100 points for his personal score. The points for the team will be added up. So the team collected 300 Points. Now four member of a team compete in a 5vs5 Valorant tournament and play together with a member of another team. Let’s assume they finish on the second place. Each Player gets 50 Points for his own score. The four member earn 200 points for their team. They now have 500 Points. The player from the other team earned 50 points for himself and for his team.

We are looking forward to exciting Teamfights!