Here you can find our FAQ. If you can't find your question or if you have any questions, please visit our Discord server!


MoeckernMasters is the original name for an offline tournament that we have been hosting every year since 2017. and which consists of several couch games. Today it is also the name for us as an organization and tournament organizer.

You can find our team at About us

Moeckern is the district in Leipzig from where we organize our tournaments. The appendix Masters is a common name for tournaments in general (e.g. in Darts "Ladbrokes Masters", Snooker: "Shanghai Masters", etc.) and fits as an alliteration simply well to Moeckern.🙂

We are gamers. We love games and love to share this joy with others. And so our passion leads us through all game genres. Whether shooters, sports games, role-playing games or couch games, all these games find a home with us. But it's the people who breathe life into the games. Those who, above all, create and share great and emotional moments together. That's what connects and unites all gamers - to experience great moments together! And that is exactly our mission - We want to bring people together to experience great moments together. PEOPLE. CREATE. MOMENTS. This is our conviction, our mantra and ultimately our slogan. PEOPLE - The people, the gamers, the crazy people who create new worlds through their actions and drive us to offer a stage to exactly these people - That's YOU! CREATE - Great things do not fall from the sky, they are built, created, exposed. We create the space in which you can express your creative power. Show us what you are capable of! MOMENTS - The moments, the ace, the buzzer beater, the last second victory, the slip-ups, the freak-outs, the jubilation, in short: the emotions, without which life would only describe the path of monotony. They are the ones that carry us away and make us forget everything else for a moment. They make us a community and we live for them! We are Moeckern Masters.

We appreciate any support, feedback and help! Join us live at our events on Twitch. Take part in our tournaments. You are also welcome to send us a small donation. All proceeds will be used for planning, implementation and further development!


Each player on the team must be from Europe (League of Legends excluded). Each player in the team must be at least 16 years old.

Our tournaments are held via Challengermode.com, All Players needs an account on the platform.

Currently you can find tournaments in the game titles Valorant, Rocket League and League of Legends. More information and registration on moeckernmasters.de. If you want to play more games you can tell us in our Discord Server.

Our tournaments take place monthly, you can find the current dates and times under Tournaments

Yes, because each tournament is independent of the season.

You can find the tournament rules on the toornament page of the respective tournament.

Your team will be banned for the next month. This means you will not be able to register for any tournament.

At the moment the check-in for your team starts 1 hour before the tournament starts and ends 15 minutes before the tournament starts. Only the team captain has to do this. In the future we will do the check-in for you, you just have to post your team in our Discord channel Teams.

No, everything that is allowed in the game can be played at our tournaments. If there is an exception due to bugs or other reasons, we will communicate this in the tournament rules.

The communication takes place via our Discord server. In the teams channel you should find a contact person for each team. Alternatively there is also the match lobby on toornament.com. But we prefer to communicate via Discord, because we have everything on one platform and can reach you faster in case you need support.


As a participant, you can stream the tournament without restrictions. However, you should be aware that streaming without a delay can be a disadvantage for you and your team, because opponents can spy your position to get an advantage. If you only want to stream as a spectator or just want to watch, this has to be coordinated with the opponent and with us in any case.

Use our Discord by posting your question in the support channel or writing a private message to an admin.

Season 1 is our first season for online tournaments with a cross-game ranking system. More info also at moeckernmasters.de/ranking

We plan to integrate this format into eSports and start a new season every year.

Season 1 will run for 12 months and began in January 2021.

Yes, because each tournament is independent of the season.

Rocket League: 1st place 60€ + 300 ranking points, 2nd place 150 ranking points, 3rd place 60 ranking points Valorant: 1st place 100€ + 500 ranking points, 2nd place 250 ranking points, 3rd place 100 ranking points League of Legends: 1st place 100€ + 500 Ranking Points, 2nd place 250 Ranking Points, 3rd place 100 Ranking Points.

No, currently Season 1 is being held without sponsors.

The prize money is privately financed by us.

Register your team with one of our admins in Discord. Send us the name of your team, a clantag and if available a logo. After that you have to enter your clan in the field "Team for Ranking Points" during the tournament registration via Toornament. (This has to be done for every player who wants to collect points for the team)