About us

Why is there a MoeckernMasters, what is it and who is behind it? Here you get the answer! It all started on the couch. We played couch games like Mario Kart, Tricky Towers, PACMAN, Trackmania and many more. In 2017, we came up with the idea of making a tournament out of it. So 8 friends got together, played for over 10 hours and dueled each other in 8 different games. In the end, there was a winner! This day developed into a tradition and we contested the MoeckernMasters every year. After we ventured the step on Twitch, we thought about an online version of the tournament. And so we decided on 3 games, which we wanted to bring together in an overall ranking in order to keep the basic idea of the MoeckernMasters. We asked ourselves the question: Why are we doing this? We want to bring people together to create great moments together! - PEOPLE. CREATE. MOMENTS.


Hi, I'm Phoenix! In-game you can find me sitting in Octane in Rocket League, with my finger on the trigger of the Vandel in Valorant or sometimes with an axe in my hand as Olaf in League of Legends. As a trained IT specialist I take care of the entire website including hosting, programming and design. The website runs on my own server and is developed using Django and Wagtail. Outside of gaming I am very interested in cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. I am looking forward to an exchange with you!


Hey guys, what's up? My name is Pascal or I'm also known as "DerWazzup". I've been fascinated by competitions my whole life: whether it's football, darts, card games or online on the PC. I love tournaments and the thrill that comes with them. I founded the MoeckernMasters to share this enthusiasm with others. As a trained production mechanic, I am more responsible for streaming and casting the tournaments at the MoeckernMasters. Our logo, among many others, also originated from my pencil lead. In my private life, however, I am fascinated by psychology and human thinking, e.g. also during competitions. Do you have any questions? Then feel free to get in touch and otherwise we'll see you in the stream. Until then!


Hello, I am Claudio aka oxid. It all started for me on my 6th birthday and the Nintendo NES. Super Mario Bros, TETRIS and Nintendo World Cup. In the meantime a few games, consoles and platforms have been added. I play everything that is fun and preferably in company. The last 10 years I was working in the gastronomy and hotel business, but will leave the industry this year heading to new shores. I am happy to be part of MoeckernMasters. My focus lies on our Discord server but you can also see me in front of the camera with Pascal occasionally. So if there is a free spot in your party, think of me ;) GL & HF


Hey! My name is Matthias or Manni for short. I started gaming in the first grade. Right now my favorite games are League of Legends and Rocket League. RTS games are my passion since Age of Empires. At the same time, I am studying business administration in my master's degree and mainly take care of the marketing for MoeckernMasters. When I'm not at the PC, I like to watch NFL games or throw the football around the park myself. If you want to know more about me feel free to contact me, I can be found regularly on our Discord! See you soon!